Director, Videographer, Art director, Motion artist

Event & promo videos

If you are arranging a seminar, opening, company party or other events that just have to be shown, my videos will create memories of the good moments and show the outside world what they missed.

As a bonus, it works perfectly as a promo for next year's event.

Animation & motion

A good alternative for visualizing concepts that do not yet exist, or explaining complex ideas clearly with illustrations, 100% adapted to the brand visual profile, tone of voice and the target audience.

Animations also includes illustrations and sound design.

VFX / Art / Music video

Go for this when you need something more than just regular video. Creative visual thinking makes the viewing experience unique and your video content will be glued to the viewers memory.

Anything you can think of can be visuallized through video.

Martin Lavik Nygaard

Professional video content creator since 2012